Microcomputer Resources, Inc. also offers our clients internet marketing and web design. We optimize web pages for higher placement in search engines and for general ease of use. We have designed many web sites for local businesses. MRI uses the latest techniques to give your site the promotional boost it needs to move to the next level of sales or productivity. Our web designers can create on online presence for you or your business.

Microcomputer Resources, Inc.(MRI) was originally established as a contracting corporation designed by seasoned professionals to streamline and manage the flow of contracts and resources between 3D gaming artists and management. MRI provides computer visualization, specifically the areas of  developing high resolution 3D computer graphics and interactive 3D sets, environments and digital domains. MRI has evolved into an independent production company. Our goal is to create quality titles and carry that excellence through the various distribution channels to the consumer. We are currently in production of our first title, Josh's World, to be released in 2002.

Click here to log on to joshworld.net to find out more about Josh's World.

MRI has produced 3D computer graphics and interactive 3D sets, environments and digital domains for  the 7th Guest , the 11th Hour, Clandestiny - all CD-ROM's produced by Trilobyte; and Virtual Comics produced for the Internet by Byron Preiss Mulitmedia Company. We have also worked on titles for Virgin Games, Simon & Schuster Interactive, AVX Design, Morgan Interactive, and Jones & Jones Multimedia.